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God knows you make enough money off of your customers and we still have to watch commercials which pay for air time.November 1, 2017 Act Fast - Your 401K Benefits May Be Slashed Next Year October 29, 2017.

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It is so sad that in most of the country you only have one choice for 50mbs internet speeds.

I used your suggestions and added this: I calculated what it would cost for similar services with two other providers (Century Link and Direct TV) I calculated what I would pay if I came to Comcast as a new customer.If it wasnt for the Blast Internet (which I need for work) I would have dumped Comcast a long time ago.

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If it was not for my wife and her HGTV and Food Channels I would can the cable TV and stream everthing.He did mention that the industry is a promotional industry and that Comcast now expects to lose customers to the cyclical promotion game.We have had every problem you can think of but my favorite is when some asshole told me I just wanted HBO for free, something for nothing according to him.I will press for help online and even insist, but I predict having to call in, in the end.

Go online immediately after and open a new acct. from the website with the promotional deal offered.Just called Comcast and went thru the phone tree to the discontinue service.Your recommendation worked perfectly, I contacted 800-266-2278 and indicated that I was considering disconnecting the service.

All we can show you is what Comcast customers are saying. deals for cord cutters,.The second lady from the loyalty department did not want to give up any discount.The cable giant Comcast will start selling cellphone plans called.Smart TVs, laptops, tablets and smart phones are hooked into our Wi-Fi.I recently retired and immediately got on the horn to those robber barons, Comcast.They just did that to me in my second year of the two year contract.When I said I would have to check out what Verizon is offering, she just asked if there was anything else I wanted to ask her.

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Former Comcast employee concurs with the author of this article about useful methods of lowering your bill.Comcast was NO help to try and retain me and my service even with DirectTV on the other phone.Choose between Satellite and high-speed DSL internet plans to get one of our best.I was told that the account promo had expired and even though there has been quite a bit of trouble with internet bandwidth and prior to that voice quality that I should be happy that I had never been charged for a tech to be dispatched to diagnose the Comcast network problem.Unfortunately, it only occurs about once-a-year when competitors are our knocking on doors trying to get home owners to switch, but the local sales reps are usually much easier to deal with.

They are doing this by not offering deals to existing customers.Inform them you have a router from a previous acct and would like to use it.The person talked me into a package after 2 hours of me trying to cancel my service.

How to Opt Out of Comcast Using your Modem as a Public WiFi Hotspot.I told her I could do that and she locked in the rate for me.She told me the promo was only good for 6 months, but that I could call back in 6 months to get me switched to the newest promo available at that time.Web search information about Xfinity Deals for Existing Customers.I feel like Comcast is forcing me to go to FIOS because no one will help with a Triple Play package.

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Xfinity bundle deals offer best Xfinity services and promotions including Xfinity triple play deals, internet bundles, cable tv packages voice deals.

You may be saving some dollars while increasing your service.If you are an existing customer and want comcast discounts to save money on your bill.Since I got such a low price for so long I figure it all averages out.My first call was to an account rep who said she could do nothing for me.

I was given the option to downgrade my cable to 55 channels and keep my Blast internet speed.

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I have no HD or DVR service and no premium channels, yet being charged a premium price for things I am not using.

Plus my internet speed doubled, all premium channels and new X1 box.Ended up with exactly the same service minus one of the TVs and the phone.I completely lost all respect for them, actually I never had much even years ago.I have a package now where HD is included free for the first year but after the first year I have to pay extra for it.Well I called right back to speak with a diff rep. and as I was oringaly told I was getting the self install no matter what the piece of sharp edged iceburg arguded with me about, I was also given a small but adaquit xtra discount for the hassle.I said, one of the companion boxes could be basic which is now only 1.99 a month, so then my monthly rate would be 193.89. Called today to try again-I just want a bill around 150-175, why is this difficult.

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